SOTTI Attended The 4th Zebrafish for personalized/precision medicine conference & Social Banquet

Sep 18 to 20, 2019. The 4th Zebrafish for personalized/precision medicine conference. Such a great 3-days event. Its opening remarks by Dr. Xiao-yan Wen, Director of ZCADD; Dr. Ori Rotstein, VP Research and Innovation, Unity Health Toronto; Dr. Mingyao Liu, Director of Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto; Mr. Michael Thompson, Deputy Mayor & Toronto City Councillor.

SOTTI Chairman Dr. William and President Prof. Lester been invited to this conference.

About Zebrafish Centre for Advanced Drug Discovery at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto

With infrastructure funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, St. Michael’s Hospital launched Zebrafish Centre for Advanced Drug Discovery (ZCADD) and is home to the first automated high throughput zebrafish drug screening platform in Canada and one of the most advanced zebrfish screening facilities worldwide. This platform performs robotic, fully automated screens from zebrafish embryo sorting, incubation, drug dosing to efficacy readout (byfluorescence and luminescence), controlled by robotic arms and software. Over the past two years, ZCADD has secured major operating funds from Brain Canada Foundaton, Genome Canada, OCE-CQDM, MITACS, ALS Association and USA Deprtment of Defense (DoD) in high throughput screening system automation and early drug development.

Dr. Ori Rotstein, VP Research and Innovation, Unity Health Toronto

St. Michael’s Hospital is a Catholic teaching and research hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1892 to care for the sick and poor of Toronto’s inner city. Affectionately known as the Urban Angel, St. Michael’s is renowned for providing exceptional patient care. As downtown Toronto’s adult trauma centre, the hospital is a hub for neurosurgery, complex cardiac and cardiovascular care, diabetes and osteoporosis care, minimally invasive surgery and care of the homeless and disadvantaged. St. Michael’s is also one of the province’s major sites of care for critically ill patients. In early 2019, St. Michael’s Hospital has merged with Providence Healthcare and St. Joseph’s Health Centre to form Unity Health Toronto organization.

Dr. Mingyao Liu, Director of Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto

Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, St. Michael’s provides outstanding medical education to health-care professionals in more than 23 academic disciplines. Home to the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, made up of the Keenan Research Centre and the Li Ka Shing International Healthcare Education Centre, the hospital is among the first in the world to bring together researchers, educators and clinicians to take best practices and research discoveries to patient bedsides faster.

Mr. Michael Thompson, Deputy Mayor & Toronto City Councillor.

The Keenan Research Centre of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute is home to researchers whose areas of expertise cover a wide variety of disciplines and methodologies. Together they generate knowledge about:

The biological mechanisms underlying health and disease;
The application of fundamental research to improve the understanding and treatment of human disease;
The best methods of preventing disease and providing health care;
The social, economic, and policy determinants of health;
The best methods of partnering with our community to generate policy relevant research and ensuring greater health equity;

Researchers at the Keenan Research Centre work closely with educators, clinicians and community members to generate and transfer knowledge that improve the health of our patients and communities.

Conference & Audiences

1st half day’s topics covered: “Rare disease gene discovery and modeling with care4rare”, “Clinical bio-marker studies and reverse translation to develop new antidepressant therapies”, “Wings not fins: A fly-to-bedside approach to personalized cancer therapies” and “Systematic analysis of brain development and behavior in zebrafish autism models”, lots to learn and really interesting.

Dr. Wen, SOTTI Chairman Dr. William and SOTTI President Prof. Lester

After 2 and half day of conference, the Networking Dinner of the 4th Zebrafish for personalized/precision medicine conference hosted at Galleria Italia Hall of Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Such a great event!

Glad to introduce SOTTI Chairman Dr. William to Dr. Wen, and had a photo at AGO entrance.

A quick brief of Dr. William: he was the key investor for Terry Gou, the founder of Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics. Also, he recognized Jack Ma, co-founder and former executive chair of Alibaba Group, connected Jack to Softbank, also introduced Joseph C. Tsai to join Alibaba.

A corner of network event, anyone in the photo is a master, PhD, researcher, or professor from all over the world.

Dr. Wen announced the winner of ZebraPeutics Award: Randall Peterson, PhD., Professor, Dean, College of Pharmacy, University of Utah, USA

From Left to Right: SOTTI: Lester, SOTTI: Dr.William, UT IMS director: Prof. Liu, UT Neuroscience Platform Director: Prof. Feng, guests from China: Prof. Tong and her PhD student Ms.Zhang.

Group photo with great ZCAAD leadership team who hosted this event, still lots of ZCAAD team members missing from this photo.

I will never feel enough to learn from the conversation between both of my role models and masters of their areas, knew them for years, still so passionate to learn from their conversation about world medicine and investment industry.

We called this is the team of beautiful scientist, they are PhD from UT, University of Calgary, USA, Europe.

Thanks again to the great event and ZCAAD team, wishing to meet all friends again in the future!