SOTTI and The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association-Canada Meetups

Nov 1st, 2019

The Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association – USA (CBA) is one of the largest Chinese American professional associations in the US. Founded in 1995, CBA is an independent, non-political, not-for-profit professional organization led by its elected board of directors, board of advisors and executive committees.

CBA – Canada division located at Montreal, PQ, Canada. At the morning, SOTTI team staged a welcome ceremony for CBA – Canada leadership team and held talks with them. Amid an amicable and candid atmosphere, the two sides exchanged views on building and developing bilateral relations, deepening pragmatic cooperation across the board and others of common interests.

Since its inception, CBA has been playing a dynamic role in the Chinese and US biopharmaceutical industries. Each year, CBA organizes or co-organizes a number of specially designed workshops, seminars, meetings, and networking events to meet its members’ career advancement needs. CBA’s signature annual event is its black-tie optional gala where business and academic leaders,entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as well as US and Chinese government officials gather together to discuss opportunities and trend of US-China collaborations on biopharmaceuticals. The most influential event of CBA is its annual conference that attracts hundreds to thousands of attendees each year. Many internationally renowned scientists, business leaders, and high-ranking US and Chinese government officials have attended and spoken at CBA’s annual conferences. Some of those distinguished speakers included, but not limited to, Nobel laureates Drs. K Barry Sharpless (2001), Avram Hershko (2004), Luc Montagnier (2008) and Peter Agre (2012); Mr. James C. Greenwood, President and CEO of Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO); Dr. Zhu Chen, China’s Minister of Health; and many members of US and Chinese science academies including Drs. Paul Schimmel, Robert C. Gallo, Bernard Roizman and E. Albert Reece.

SOTTI Chairman: Dr. William and CBA – Canada Leaders

During the past decade, the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry has grown dramatically, and a variety of advantages have attracted many global pharmaceutical companies to China. To promote collaborations between the Chinese and American biopharmaceutical industries, and to further strengthen CBA’s influence in the global biopharmaceutical industry, CBA has strategically stepped up its activities in connecting both industries.  Besides hosting professional conferences in the US, CBA has also expanded its activities to China by successfully hosting its 13th, 14th and 17th annual conferences in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Qingdao, respectively.  Because of CBA’s constant pursue of its mission and persistent devotion to bridging the US and China biopharmaceutical industries, CBA has gained great reputation in US, China as well as other parts of the world. This is certainly evident by reporting or coverage of CBA’s events and its members by a number of prestigious scientific journals, business magazines or news media such as Nature, Science, Thomson Reuters, CCTV, PR Newswire, BioPortfolio or Bioprocess International.