Canada-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference in Shanghai 2019

Event Poster

Nov 12, 2019, Shanghai, China. The former Minister of Justice of Canada, Martin Cauchon, and the Chinese entrepreneurs, Canada-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Private Promotion Conference was successfully held in Shanghai.

Co-sponsored by Dawson Starter and Junlan Law Firm, and jointly sponsored by SOTTI International and Deshang Law Firm, Martin Cauchon, and Chinese entrepreneurs, Canada-China Economic and Trade Cooperation The meeting was successfully held at the headquarters of Shanghai Lujiazui Century Junlan Law Firm. The half-day private event and dinner attracted more than 30 entrepreneurs and executives from environmental protection, smart manufacturing, education, investment, media and other industries across the country.

Seize the Opportunity & Help the Development

The opening of the conference, Wei Xiangyu, the director of the Dawson starting point of the private party, gave a detailed introduction to the Excellency Martin Cauchon, the sponsors and co-organizers of the meeting. Canada is rich in resources, China’s economy is also developing at a high speed, and it is hoped that private information will be available to help Chinese entrepreneurs grasp Canada’s investment policies, advantages and quality project opportunities, and help the development of the industry to a higher level.

After that, Ms. Wang Dawei, the head of Deshang Law Firm in China, Mr. Huang Chao, the founder of Dawson, and Mr. Wu Liang, the shareholder of Junlan Law Firm, and the host of SOTTI International, made their respective business and business introduction.

Mr. Martin Cauchon signed under SOTTI International logo to thanks great project related work been prepared and provided by SOTTI International team from Toronto and Montreal, Canada.

Former Canadian Minister of Justice Martin Cauchon combined with his nearly 30 years of political experience, from Canada’s basic national situation profile, political system, legislation made a brief and concise introduction.

His Excellency Martin Cauchon is one of the most effective cadres of the famous Prime Minister of Canada, Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien (three years in the past, three Canadian prime ministers), one of the “three carriages” commonly known as Prime Minister Chr├ętien. Mr. Martin Cauchon is a man of political affairs in Canada. He entered the political arena at the age of 26 and became a ministerial figure. He has served in many important cabinet positions, including the Canadian Federal Minister of Justice, the Canadian Attorney General, and the Canadian Federal Taxation Minister. Canadian Federal Human Resources Minister, State Secretary of the Federal Quebec Economic Development Agency and other important positions. In 2013, as a formal candidate, Mr. Martin Cauchon participated in the competition for the leader of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada and became a well-known Canadian political and political leader.

By holding these ministerial positions, Mr. Cauchon has accumulated rich and profound experience in many aspects and has many resources. In particular, the challenges faced by enterprises in a knowledge-based economy, market globalization, political, national and international cooperation. His Excellency Cauchon studied international business law and obtained a master’s degree in law from the University of Exeter in England. He is currently a senior consultant at Deshang Law Firm. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Canada China Business Council and the Chairman of the Quebec Provincial Chapter, as well as several other directors.

Mr. Martin Cauchon works with SOTTI International via Canada-China Economic and Trade Cooperation for such long history and together we keep good business collaboration cross Canada and China projects.

North American Quality Project Pool, Igniting the Enthusiasm of Entrepreneurs

Canada has rich land, abundant materials, stable and safe society, higher overall education level, social encouragement and innovation, free trade agreements with the United States and Mexico, and extensive substitutions in trade, providing ample business for introducing more investment. condition. In the direction of investment, Martin has launched aerospace, agricultural products, digital and multimedia industries, machinery manufacturing, artificial intelligence, mining, and education industries, from the industry’s working population, distribution, annual output value and breakthrough areas involved. A comprehensive introduction to Canadian relevant laws and regulations may be involved.

The project pool of this private event was carefully selected by the Canadian sponsor SOTTI International and Deshang Law Firm, and was introduced by Ms. Wang Dawei, the lawyer of Deshang Law Firm. The top project library and wonderful introductions set off the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs present.

SOTTI special guest: Mr. Pan Song, Chairman of QiGoal Capital, came to talk with the fluent French language of Martin, and pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a new climax! Entrepreneurs from all walks of life continue to open their hearts with Mr. Cauchon, happily discuss and enhance their feelings!

After the successful completion of this private enjoyment, entrepreneurs are very grateful: this private event is highly successful, the resources are precious, the project is pragmatic, and the height of the politicians and business circles are very few in their previous activities. Seeing, it can be said that the benefits of private enjoyment are far beyond their expectations!

Lord Martin Cauchon also highly praised the success of the event and expressed his willingness to give greater support in the future! Dawson starting point and Junlan Law Firm will join hands with SOTTI International and Deshang Law Firm of Canada to further promote the mutual integration of bilateral resources between Canada and China, and actively exert their mutual advantages to achieve a new situation of mutual benefit and mutual benefit. Private attendees are looking forward to working with entrepreneurs from more industries to win the future!